Your Weekly Stretch 11/30/15


Today I had the occasion to examine some very important aspects of myself.  In that examination I realized that I have been negligent in several ways and that negligence has caused pain for someone I love.  Upon further reflection I also realize that it would be very easy for me go into a very dark place of self-recrimination and depression, negative self-talk and other self-defeating ways of being and thinking.  I have made a different choice today.  I have chosen to forgive myself and made a commitment to do better.  This was a stretch for me and I am happy to say that, while not easy, I chose to forgive myself and move forward more consciously.

This weeks stretch:  Forgive yourself.  None of us is perfect and we are all capable of missing the mark.  Notice where you can do better and make the commitment to choose again.      ~ FD

Your Weekly Stretch – 11-23-15


Thanksgiving calls us to stop and notice all that we have been given.  It asks us to take stock of our blessings and to say Thank You to the Universe for its bounty.  May people have difficulty finding their blessings if they live in poverty or are ill or lonely.  As we enter the season of giving and celebration, our stretch is to remember those who are searching for their blessings and offer help in every way we can.  Our stretch is to take time every day to notice the abundance in our lives and to reflect gratitude into our day by offering a smile, our time, our presence, a hand, or our heart to those who are less fortunate.

My prayer this Thanksgiving comes from the Buddhist practice of metta:  May all beings be well; may all beings be safe; may all beings be at peace; may all beings know that they are loved beyond measure.

Happy Thanksgiving ~ FD

Your Weekly Stretch 11-16-15


This week I offer you the opportunity to reflect on Oneness.  The graphic you see here is the logo for my husband’s and my ministry.  We are ordained Interfaith-Interspiritual ministers and as such we honor all paths to Divine Oneness. Notice symbols for the major religious traditions on the outside of the circle, the inner circle representing any and all paths not represented by the symbols and the interior colors of the four directions and it is said that these colors represent all of humanity.  All paths lead to the Great Oneness. In our years of study we have discovered that each one of these paths contains one Truth…All Is One.    In my personal view LOVE is all that matters.

Your stretch:  In the face of sorrow and the events of the past week our stretch is to stay centered; to keep our hearts and minds open; to be the essence of Love and Peace; and hold a vision of kindness and Love.  


Your Weekly Stretch 11-10-15

 sun in cape may

The time change and onset of cold weather has many of us in a bit of a tizzy.  Knowing that many of us react to this change with a contraction inward, my love and thoughts are with you.  Personally I’m feeling that contraction deeply and find that my energy has begun to slow down. With that in mind I offer the following stretch:

Allow space for the contraction of the season to take place gently.  Be kind to yourself and protect your energy by getting the rest you need.  Re-evaluate your diet and notice where you can substitute healthy choices for those that drain your energy.  Tune into the depth of your inner fire and allow the heat to rise up into your being, warming you from within.