Give up – Give in – Give Over

Last week I was living in the swirl of ideas. This week they have organized themselves into this posting. I hope on some level it is helpful to you.

Recently I’ve been reflecting on some realizations that I’ve resisted and these three notions, Give Up, Give In, Give Over, have been rolling around my head and heart causing some sparks of insight that have been helpful.

Specifically, I’ve been pondering these ideas around relationships with people and with groups. The concept of giving up isn’t my favorite and yet when confronted with what seems like conflict or discomfort the impulse to “cut and run” comes on strong. This is not uncommon given a strong desire for comfort, safety and peace of mind.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be in the presence of a collective of light beings named Frank. They shared their wisdom as they do every month through the mediumship of our friend Tracy Farquhar. It seemed as if they were addressing my thoughts directly with some of their commentary. In fact, their first comment of the day was that “our natural energetic state is harmony”. And, of course when there is disharmony we notice it in one way or another. They went on to say that, “Everyone has a role. Things come to light that are not in harmony with your sense of well-being”, and went on to say, “place your focus on creating harmony in your sphere for the greater good”.

Recently I’ve found that some of my relationships and associations are not what I had once thought they were. This has caused some “disharmony” in my life and I’ve been in the process of both noticing the disconnects and evaluating my feelings and responses.

The “give up” aspect has been the strong desire to run from the conflicts by either finding ways to explain them with rationalizations in order to negate the feelings that arise, trying to ignore the feelings entirely, or walking away completely. Needless to say…that just doesn’t work for this gal…never has…never will.

The “give in” aspect has been an old construct for me that would have me simply going along with the flow in spite of a nagging feeling that the direction of that flow is contradictory to what my inner wisdom and intuition say is Truth.

And the “give over” aspect is the newest and most mature response that has me paying close attention to what is True for me, surrendering my resistance to that Truth, allowing what is, and trusting that the Universe has my back and will always guide me.

What I’ve come to realize is that it’s about where the attention is placed. I admit it’s not always easy to shift the focus, especially when feelings arise that are uncomfortable or even painful. What I am committed to doing is notice…pay attention to…and honor those feelings with reverence, then make a choice to move forward and shift focus to something different. I’m committed to allowing rather than resisting what is, with the full knowledge that I cannot change the circumstances outside of my influence. I can only change my response to them.

I’m being non-specific here because details and particulars are not important. What is important is that I am reaching for the Truth and it is reaching its long arm back to me. My own spiritual development has brought me to a place where integrity, authenticity and impeccability have become high priority qualities that, when not in alignment, call themselves out loud and clear and I cannot ignore them. In short, I can’t NOT notice when something doesn’t “feel right”. For the most part this is an inside job, me adjusting my sights and shifting my focus. I’m lucky, though, because my husband is also my most trusted confidante and I can share my process with him out loud when needed. As an empath and a “highly sensitive”, feelings are always moving through in abundance and having trusted ears to hear and loving arms to hold is a tremendous benefit. But most of the work goes on under the radar, between me and my Universal “best friend”.

All of this said, I arrive back at Give Up, Give In, Give Over. It seems this is a description of some portion of my spiritual journey; an eye-opening portion to say the least. There may be times when the impulse to give up or give in arises and I will once again have the opportunity to employ the “shift the focus” method to restore my own sense of well-being so that I can maintain my inner harmony and reach further for the Truth. What I love is that I have this little road-map on how to do it, or at least how I’ve learned to do it for myself. There is a sense of empowerment that comes with knowing how to recognize when it’s time to re-align. I think I’ll hold on to that.

I woke up this morning with a memory of the corsages the cheerleaders of my high school football team wore at every game. They were THE most beautiful chrysanthemums…huge yellow, orange and gold blooms that I adored. Today I will go out and buy some of those beautiful blooms to remind myself that I am the cheerleader of my team and the cheer is “Give Over”, loud and clear. Rah!

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