Happy Easter ~ 4-14-14 ~ Stretch

Today is Good Friday. I love that a day is called “good” and, while most of us know why today is called Good Friday specifically, I think every day has the potential to be good. In fact, I’m consciously affirming that my days are good. Upon awakening each day, as soon as I’m aware that I am back in my body from sleep, I say, “Thank you for bringing me back to my body. It’s a good day.” This has been my practice for many years. It’s especially poignant now for a million reasons, not the least of which is that I love that I’m in a body, especially this one.

The season we have entered is life-affirming. Today I’m reflecting on memories of springtimes past. Some of the memories are happy, some bittersweet. Regardless, every memory is infused with a sense of newness and hope. I find that coming out of the heaviness and darkness of winter my awareness is sharp and little gets passed my notice. Yesterday I saw the sharp green points of my beautiful hostas poking out of the ground, more blooms are showing up on trees – you know the white ones that when they begin to fall look like snowfall in warm sunshine, and tiny little green buds are more and more apparent on the trees outside our door. Gaia is awakening and I’m feeling the urge to break out my camera and take myself on an “artists date” to the park or a garden. This year more than any other I want to be in it, up to my neck in hope, growth, flowers, dirt and new life.

Today, on this very good Good Friday, my heart is full and hopeful. Easter Sunday marks a magical moment in time that reminds us that there is life after life and that we can emerge from what seems like dismal darkness into radiant light. It says to us that while there may be dark clouds around us, beyond the clouds the sun is shining, always shining. It affirms to us that there is always hope and that we are never alone.

Happy Easter beloveds.

STRETCH: Get outside and feel the Earth under your feet and the sunshine on your face. Don’t miss it.

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