I Can Feel My Heart

Photo by Bob Demetrician – Pipe Ceremony Alter – Boynton Canyon

Emotions flying high this week, some for sharing and some, for a variety of reasons, for rumination and reflection. The first two paragraphs of this post were written when we drove into Sedona on our first morning.

Today, the first sight of our beloved Sedona brought a flood of tears and from a deep place of humility and gratitude I felt an urge to drop to my knees in the red dirt and give myself over to the land. The sheer wonder and majesty of it made me feel tiny in its midst. And yet the invitation from the land was to acknowledge the Oneness of Creation that includes all of who I am in body, mind and spirit. And, as Neale deGrasse Tyson says, “I felt BIG”. This return to The Mother brings me comfort and peace. It energizes every element of my Being and reminds me that I am a conduit for that essential life force energy and am ultimately vibrating with it.

Tears flowing freely we are in the presence of the huge mountain that embraced and protected us a few years ago when our life was in free fall and we were in a place of fear and loss. The mountain is known in the world as Sugarloaf. In Sedona it’s called “Thunder Mountain”, but it spoke to me on that trip and identified itself as Grandfather and has been our protector ever since. One day we hope to live alongside or at the foot of this Grandfather mountain, but for now it is sufficient that we come for a visit to offer our love and gratitude for all it has given to us.

I have been flooded with creative energy these last days and this trip is giving me an opportunity to integrate the onslaught of ideas and images that are pressing for expression. I’ve made sacred connections with some extraordinary people who will likely become integral in my life. And I’ve had to look at some existing connections with new eyes. I’m taking this time in Sedona to continue my healing. My body is welcoming the healing waters of Oak Creek, my heart is asking for the gentle embrace of Cathedral Rock and the silence of Buddha Beach, my mind and spirit are hungry for the intrinsic and ancient wisdom in Boynton Canyon. We will go to these places, and more, to meditate and create ceremony and to simply be. Of course we will visit our favorite shops in Jerome and maybe consider another tattoo (“maybe”, a word up for interpretation). More than anything, Bob and I are grateful for the opportunity to be together to strengthen our own connection and celebrate the return to our wonderful life, in health and joy. We will place you all in our pipe as we pray for the health of our country and our planet.

Friday: Driving up to a high point (6,200 feet) through magnificent canyons and crazy switchbacks, Bob said, “When I get this close to the rock formations I feel a heart connection like when you plug your charger into your phone and your phone vibrates…mmmm….mmmm…and you know the power is flowing freely.” He told me he can feel his heart. Yes, that’s it. The heart of the planet is palpable and I feel it too. My wish for you is that you can feel your heart, in whatever way that happens for you.

STRETCH: No stretch from me this week. Instead I invite you to create a stretch of your own. If you are so moved, feel free to send me a message in the comments section with the stretch you have created. I will be honored to hold space for you.

More to come. ~FD

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