Driving home recently from my first memoir-writing class, reflecting on two hours of meeting new people and setting the intention to learn more about making my life stories interesting and relevant, I noticed that leaves are beginning to show their fall colors.  Summer is fading, fall is taking its natural place in the seasonal continuum, and once again, thankfully, I’m along for the ride.  Only this time, those colors are more vivid than ever for me, as is everything I see through my physical eyes.

Five weeks ago I had cataract surgery on my left eye, and two weeks ago on my right.  Not to sound corny (I know…it’s corny) it’s been an eye opening experience!  The day of Continue Reading


Today is a day of dichotomies for me.  I’m celebrating a victory after a successful evening of teaching and camaraderie as I hold the very vivid memories of September 11, 2001 in my heart and mind.  Life is so filled with these divergent moments…holding the most amazing and wonderful bliss and joy and the absolute worst devastation one could imagine in the exact same second.  We know that at the first moment a plane hit a tower on that day, a baby was born somewhere in the world.  The contrast is startling, to say the least.  So today I mourn the losses, and I celebrate the joys and victories.  I honor those who sacrificed and I bow with appreciation at the intrinsic beauty that exists within all of those sacrifices.   Today I remember.  I remember it all.                                 ~ FD



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Welcome to an oasis on the internet!  This website is about living life from the inside out…from the fire within.  It’s about living life from all of your senses with the depth of passion that keeps you in touch with the gift of Life.  Here you will see beauty in all its forms.  I will post my deepest thoughts and feelings in a way that I hope will inspire you to go deep yourself.  We will laugh, we will cry, we will rejoice, we will appreciate, we will give thanks.  I hope you will share your thoughts and feelings too.

Something you can look forward to is something called the “Weekly Stretch“.  In the weekly stretch, you will be given something to do that will stretch you as a person.  Please be sure to check that out!

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