Fall sky, 9-21-16 by Franne Demetrician

All week I’ve been aware of the changes happening. It’s not as if I haven’t written about this before. I wrote about it last fall and in the spring…and here we are again as the planet takes “one more ride around the sun” (a lyric from an amazing song by a friend of ours, Ernie White). Fall is my favorite season, and yet as it begins and I smell the familiar aroma of withering foliage and the feel of a much cooler breeze on my skin, I’m also aware that I feel a certain melancholy as summer moves further and further away and the prospect of getting to the beach just one more time disappears from my reality. Of course a trip to the beach in fall is wonderful too…but there won’t be a bathing suit (not a fan of the Polar Bear Club personally) or a jug of iced tea. Nope…more like a jug of hot chocolate and layers of clothes to keep the chill out. I love summer and the sense of freedom it brings and I feel sad when it leaves and takes all that bright sunlight and spaciousness with it. But fall…that’s another thing entirely. As the container begins to pull inward the artist in me is filled to the brim with the delights of the changing environment – colors becoming enlivened and vibrant, smells of burning leaves and baking pies, golden sunsets that vibrate with majestic colors of yellow, orange, hot pink, and red, crisp air that seems to bring a sort of golden clarity to everything. Unfortunately, fall also brings some physical challenges that require a bolstering of my inner wisdom, strength, and courage to meet them. Some of the physical challenges resulting from the change in season are within my control, but many are not and that can put a big damper on my enjoyment of the aforementioned “delights”.

So I’m faced with some choices as the days slowly but surely shorten, the golden glow of evening intensifies, and the chill in the air becomes more and more sweater-worthy. It’s a glass half-empty glass half-full equation really. Be sad and melancholy, dread the discomfort, and pull inside; OR welcome the banquet of riches in color and sensory treats, rejoice in the fact that I’m still here to partake in the aromas and tastes, and open wide to the chill with my cozy sweaters and blankets for extra company.

October 14th is our 26th wedding anniversary. We chose fall because we simply love this season the most and because it felt like us – colorful, bountiful, delicious and rich. Our days are frequently measured by the choices we make. Today…this week…I choose the delights before me. Last night as I waited for my turn with yet another doctor the sky was ablaze with orange and hot pink light – the sort of sunset we only see during these fall evenings. Everyone in the office had their noses pressed to the windows wanting to catch the beauty of it and take it in. I snapped a photo on my way in the door and have shared that photo with you. I’m choosing beauty over pain and am grateful that the season is offering me the magnificent distraction as I make my way through. The Universe knows how to make it all better. I’ll take it any way I can get it!!!

STRETCH: More choices! We are all facing one challenge or another. Step away from whatever challenges, hurts, or makes you crazy…just for a few moments. Find beauty and take those few moments to simply appreciate, to notice, to see that there is MORE…more in your life than the challenges you are facing.


Awakened this morning to a gorgeous, sunshiny day.  I gave thanks for another day and got myself ready, as I usually do.  I slipped on a knit skort and a tank, slid into my flip flops and headed down the stairs get the coffee going and hook Sophie up for her morning walkabout.  Continue Reading



Driving home recently from my first memoir-writing class, reflecting on two hours of meeting new people and setting the intention to learn more about making my life stories interesting and relevant, I noticed that leaves are beginning to show their fall colors.  Summer is fading, fall is taking its natural place in the seasonal continuum, and once again, thankfully, I’m along for the ride.  Only this time, those colors are more vivid than ever for me, as is everything I see through my physical eyes.

Five weeks ago I had cataract surgery on my left eye, and two weeks ago on my right.  Not to sound corny (I know…it’s corny) it’s been an eye opening experience!  The day of Continue Reading