The Lights Are On & Someone’s Home ~ 8-25-17

photo by Franne Demetrician

Feeling the refreshing cool hint of fall in the air this morning and it feels good. Planning to hold summer as close as possible but ready to welcome the sensual pleasures of autumn.

I spent some time in the last few days talking about and reflecting on authenticity. I had written a post for this week that somehow didn’t work for me and even after asking for some valued input from trusted confidants, I didn’t feel good about posting it. So, it sat in my file for the last few days waiting for me to “post or get off the pot”. I decided to get off the pot and start over. Here is why.

The intention of this website is to be a place of safety and respite for anyone who chooses to stop by and read my blog. My hope is that what I share here is helpful to my readers; that together we come to feel and know that none of us are alone in our human experience. My previous post was more of a “cranky pants” rant than the fulfillment of my intention. I’m considering that post a private journal entry that just needed to be written, and leave it at that.

I had the good fortune of receiving a tremendously healing session from my friend and colleague, Michele Granberg. She is a gifted shaman and healer. I was holding the question about my cranky blog post in my heart when I arrived. My intention for the session was quite simply to find my center, to affirm integrity and authenticity, and to remember my connection to Oneness. As always, the session was amazing, but this one seemed to have an even deeper and higher quality to it and soon I was in an altered state hovering just outside of my body in total bliss. I’ve had some inspired moments during sessions with Michele, and this one was restorative and refreshing, which is exactly what was needed.

Toward the end of the session Michele began to whisper some affirmations to me, and as she did I started to see faces – faces of people in my life who love me. It started with my Dad’s face and I felt his energy as if he were standing right next to Michele at the side of the table. I felt the tears and said a silent “Hi” to Dad, but then I saw more faces – faces of people in my life who I love and who love me – and felt more energy and was immediately surrounded by what can only be identified as unconditional love from every one of them. It was sudden and filled me completely. I almost felt myself lifted off the table by the rush of energy I felt from the light of all their love. Then she said something like, “feel yourself so connected that the face of God is but a hair’s breadth away”. That was profound, and what I saw was me “cheek to cheek” with the face of God. It wasn’t so much a visual image, but it was what I experienced. Me and God – cheek to cheek. It was pure, it was innocence, it was transcendent.

Michele said a few more things, brought me back to Earth and my body, and the session ended. I felt revitalized to be sure. And I gained insights from some of what Michele intuited from the session that clarified some of my present questions and challenges. I hugged her and thanked her, then floated out to my car. My habit is to get the music going before I do anything, which is what I did. I pressed the button that would start my iTunes library and put the car in reverse. The next thing I heard was the most beautiful saxophone interpretation of “God Bless The Child”, by of all people Stanley Turrentine. Y’all, I didn’t even know I HAD that piece in my library. Hello! I stopped the car and just stared at the readout on the dashboard that said, “God Bless The Child”. The message was complete – cheek to cheek with God, “God Bless The Child”, and unconditional love from all the angels in my life. It was all there and the lightbulb blazed as bright as the sun. Ding, Ding, Ding! I knew what I needed to know.

Whatever the eclipse on Monday left behind – the “eclipse hangover”- that I was feeling this past week I have surrendered to it and welcome the opportunities it has afforded me. My session with Michele was integral in moving me forward and I am exceedingly grateful to her for her kindness, her compassion and her skill. I heard the message loud and clear, the lightbulb continues to burn bright, and I’m ready for what is next.

No stretch this week. Just hugs and love from me to you.

The “Art” of Light And Dark

I started taking art classes last year. I’ve been an artist all my life, and have dabbled in the creative arts on and off all these years, but put any serious artwork on the back burner for various reasons until the last ten or so when I started to explore photography as an art form. In the last two years I’ve also added writing, drawing, and painting back into the mix. I’ve been lucky to find a program hosted by Rutgers University that offers all sorts of classes for “seniors”, which lo and behold I now am. I’ve learned an awful lot taking these classes, not the least of which is that seniors are bright, educated, motivated and vital people with tremendous wisdom and experience, and a great sense of humor. I also feel fortunate that these courses are available and taught by impressive, accomplished and talented people.

I was working on a painting at home…on my own…without the critical and directive eye of my instructor. I’d been working on this piece for a few weeks, albeit tentatively and with limited confidence. Our final classes for the season had just ended and I made a vow to continue working on my own until September when we begin again. True to my vow I approached my easel and decided to dive in and get my brushes really dirty.

Recently I read an article on creativity. The article focused on how artists will often arrive at a point in their work where they come to a crossroads. They start the work going great guns…their creative juices flowing freely and hot as fire and then they hit a wall with a thud. Nothing works. Colors aren’t right; words don’t flow; music is not harmonizing; whatever the expression, it’s just not happening. And it is here where an artist will often stop. They might simply set the work aside and start something new or in drastic cases, in a fit of despair and frustration, they might destroy it completely. Either way…they abandon the work without allowing it come forth fully. The article goes on to say that this is the point of critical mass, the point where the artist needs to be patient and gentle with themselves because this is where the rubber truly meets the road, so to speak. This is the point where an artist digs deeply into their “Courage to Create” (also the title of a book by Rollo May that I read many years ago) and stay the course in spite of the roadblocks and resistance. There is more here than meets the eye.

Back to the painting that sat on my easel – I reached that point of inertia several times. It was working…then not working. I had vision and talent…I had nuthin’. The image was emerging…the image was shit! Like that.

I’ve had this experience more than once. It happened again with the painting. I hit a wall. It was going well for a while and I started to see something emerging that looked like art. I got brave and started to bring the work up a notch and BLAM…it was All Stop. I walked away from it. I had homework assignments and other work to do and used that as an excuse to ignore it. I thought maybe I’d switch to charcoal drawings for a while. You name the distraction and I thought of it. And then I remembered the wisdom of the article I read and put the painting back on my easel. I took a deep breath and kept going. Layer by layer, color by color, the piece began to come to life. I took chances…baby steps if you will…and if I didn’t like the effect I went back and did it a little bit differently. I remembered some of the advice my instructor gave during our classes and applied it to the painting. Before long I was in “the zone” – things were working and time ceased to exist.

I’m delighted to report that this advice works! I pushed through and the painting began looking more and more like the original vision I had. While a painting (or any work of art) is never really finished, I did complete it with some real satisfaction. I saw my way through fairly clearly and my trust in the process, at least for now, is restored. In fact I went on to a second painting and put the same process into play with more confidence. The second one is also “complete” and a third is in the pipeline. What I know is that this will be an ongoing practice for me, as I imagine it is for any artist, or scientist, or musician, or dancer or anyone in the act of creation. And staying the course is the lesson.

Ironically (or perhaps not) the first painting is a study in light and dark. It’s also a study in mystery and the forces of nature. And it is not lost on me that the lesson is very much one that I teach others. In the work that my husband and I teach called “Infinite Possibilities” which is based on author and teacher Mike Dooley’s NY Times best-selling book of the same name, one of the key messages is that when we take steps in the direction of our desires The Universe works in partnership with us in the unseen to bring about the things we hold in our thoughts and dreams. This work teaches that behind the scenes, even when we think nothing is happening in our lives and things seem to be stuck or we seem to be “spinning our wheels” there are indeed wheels turning that we cannot see, moving us toward what we seek. In the case of the creative process, when I reached that moment in my painting when nothing seemed right and I felt like stopping or even destroying it, it was being birthed somewhere just beyond my ability to see it. Hanging in there with it as those wheels kept turning allowed it to emerge.
The working title for my painting is “Light and Dark” but I’m entertaining a few others since it represents a new understanding of the process, at least for me. For now what is re-affirmed for me is that light and dark can live in harmony; trusting the process (whatever the process may be) is vital; The Universe always has my back even when I fall into fear or uncertainty; I am a creator; I love teaching others how to harness their own power; and I love re-learning these lessons and anchoring them ever more deeply in my own being.

~ Franne
woman on fire
P.S. There is a blank canvas sitting on my easel mischievously beckoning me to begin again.

Weekly Stretch 3-18-16

IMG_3233(rev 0)

Since the time change here in New Jersey I’ve noticed a drastic increase in my energy level (after the initial shock and loss of sleep the day after, of course). After only one week, I feel the gift of extra light and the infusion of hope and excitement this annual change brings for me. I have worked with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for most of my life. This can show up in different ways for different people. Some folks do better in the darker months and feel awful when the light returns and some, like me, revel in the light. I’m a Leo…the sun is my ruling planet…so yay for all of us sun peeps. We’re back!!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that we have a friend and colleague who had been treated badly and to our great disappointment has lost her job, the result of mean-spirited handling of a conflict that could have been resolved with love and kindness and instead was taken to a very dark place. The dichotomy of light and dark have been noticeable in the last few weeks and I’ve heard stories from many friends who have encountered equally dramatic examples of these extremes in their lives.

Of course we know that without darkness we don’t know light and vice versa. But when we’re in the midst of the dramatic extremes it’s hard to remember that they are equally part of the whole. Which brings me to this week’s stretch:

STRETCH: As the light slowly returns remember that the shadow is equally part of our being. Embrace the shadow as you would an old friend, knowing that within the darkness is the gift of light and within light is the gift of darkness. As our friend Andy Dooley says, “Celebrate the contrast!”

Your Weekly Stretch 1-8-16

Welcome to a New Year!

As we step forward into a new year I feel the energy of all that is possible. Here in the northeast the chill has finally moved in, yet I’ve noticed that the sun hangs in the sky for a little bit longer each day. I love witnessing the forces of nature as they repeat their annual dance, and each year I feel more grateful and humble to be alive to appreciate it. My husband is about to start a new and exciting job and we are excited about all of the great opportunities we will have to be of service in the world. Yes, there are many challenges in the world and those challenges can make us fearful…but only if we allow ourselves to focus on them. I choose to see the possibility for the awakening of consciousness and to make my life’s work a part of that awakening. Join me?

Your Stretch: Take time each day to consciously notice your breath…breathing in peace and breathing out love. Imagine your breath as a wispy white vapor of peace as you inhale and allow yourself to feel its warmth fill your body. As you exhale imagine your breath as a beautiful swath of golden Lovelight that reaches from your heart to the ends of the earth. Let this be your prayer for the day.

P.S. The photo is of my grandson Logan at a fireworks display a few summers ago.



In this season of light we seem to be exposed to much darkness and shadow. It seems that our charge is to hold the vision of light returning into the very dark spaces of the world’s consciousness. Not always easy, we are blessed to have the ability to use the power of our mind…of our thoughts…of our intentions…to overcome the darkness.

Stretch: Limit your exposure to dark images and input from media outlets. Focus your attention and thoughts on bringing light into darkness. Random acts of kindness are a great vehicle for illuminating the Truth. And be kind to yourself by eating well, taking time for rest, and remembering the reason for the season. Light! ~ FD