In this season of light we seem to be exposed to much darkness and shadow. It seems that our charge is to hold the vision of light returning into the very dark spaces of the world’s consciousness. Not always easy, we are blessed to have the ability to use the power of our mind…of our thoughts…of our intentions…to overcome the darkness.

Stretch: Limit your exposure to dark images and input from media outlets. Focus your attention and thoughts on bringing light into darkness. Random acts of kindness are a great vehicle for illuminating the Truth. And be kind to yourself by eating well, taking time for rest, and remembering the reason for the season. Light! ~ FD

Your Weekly Stretch – 10-23-15


This week’s stretch is coming to you from Sedona, Arizona where my beloved husband and I have been since Tuesday.  Sedona is our “power place” – the place we return to time and time again to connect deeply with the energy of Mother Earth and to re-connect with our center.  We noted as we drove into town that the mountains feel like that wonderful “welcome home” hug a kid receives from Mom when returning home from school.  We both really need that hug and the healing and grounding that comes with it.
Recently I’ve come face to face with some realities that have caused me great pain and have been food for thought, contemplation and reflection.  As a result I’ve arrived at some conclusions and made some changes in my processing of information.  It is all a work in progress (what isn’t!) and I’m still integrating what has come to light.  That said, this stretch was inspired by my recent “enlightenment” and is a reminder for me as well as for all of you.  It may not be new, but it’s pertinent and I hope we can all take it to heart in a new and deep way.
Our stretch:
You are responsible for your happiness.  Rely on yourself.  Cultivate the fine art of self-reliance.  Allow the people in your life who love you to love you, leaving behind any attachment to “how” they love you – knowing that they are on their own journey as you are on yours.  Happiness is an inside job.

As we continue our wonderful trip to Sedona and this magnificent spiritually-charged region, know that I hold you all in my heart and have placed all of your cares into the arms of The Mother for healing.