WEEKLY STRETCH – 7-28-17 ~ Attitude Shift

(I just love this photo and thought it a good one to post to welcome my birthday month, August.)

We are going to be moving again. I have mentioned that the woman who owns the house we live in will be selling it in the Spring, which means we are about to start sifting through our stuff again. We moved into this house two years ago January. It’s been a great transitional place for us to land and recharge. We took this time to heal and reflect on where we’ve been and envision where to go next. We’ve found a wonderful place not far from here and are excited about the prospect of living there.

What has been hovering in my consciousness is a double-edged sword of dread around the hard physical and emotional work of cleaning out, letting go, packing and unpacking juxtaposed with the wonderful feeling of lightness that comes with shedding excess, the prospect of living space that suits our lifestyle, and starting over with a sense of the fresh and new.

Chatting with my cousin Lana the other day I shared my conflicting feelings with her. She told me that she absolutely loves moving. I looked at her like she had two heads and asked her why. I loved her enthusiastic response. She shared how much she loves the idea of handling all of her “stuff” again. She loves touching things that are around her home that she ordinarily would take for granted. She enjoys taking time to remember where she was when this thing or that thing was purchased or received. She enjoys having time to hold these memories and feelings in her consciousness. For her it’s a gift, an opportunity, a great pleasure – to reflect on her life and the events and circumstances that brought these things into her life and the people and places associated with them. As she described her perspective on moving I noticed a peaceful faraway look in her eyes and could feel how sincere she was. I sort of shook my head and wondered what I might be missing.

So, I’ve taken Lana’s point of view to heart. I’ve decided to make the effort to shift my attitude about the upcoming move. I admit that this requires a good deal of consciousness since I am aware that my thoughts and responses thus far have been reinforced – by me. Up to now I’ve allowed myself to perpetuate the idea that moving is going to be a drudge, a bummer, a pain in the ass, (I could go on but that’s not really helpful). Instead I’m adopting Lana’s take on the whole thing, looking at my belongings with new eyes, and approaching the move with an embrace rather than “talk to the hand” resistance. I’m looking around my home assessing my stuff; thinking about what stays and what goes, what we should sell or give away, what is a treasure and what is no longer of service to us but could be of value to someone else. I’m realistic enough to know that some of these decisions may be difficult, especially when handling things that belonged to my parents or that I’ve been saving as memorabilia but only look at when I’m moving it from one place to another. Some of the boxes we have stored can be likened to Pandora’s, filled with things I haven’t seen for ages that, uncovered once again, suddenly becoming seductive valuables that I can’t imagine parting with but have no real meaning or value in my life now, or that bring up times and places I may want to leave behind. I’m preparing for those – steeling my resolve to make choices to finally let these things go.

The best part, and the most fun, is envisioning the space that will be made for the “new”. Clearing away the debris and residue of our life will give us the latitude and spaciousness to allow new things to come in that will enliven and beautify our new digs. I’m already “acting as if” when I browse magazines or stores that have furniture and décor that I’d like to purchase for us. I’m putting things on Pinterest, clipping pictures, taking snapshots, and choosing wall colors to help envision our new surroundings.

I’m so grateful to Lana for sharing her take on moving and giving me another way to approach it. Like so many things in our lives, it’s a day by day shift that I now welcome since I know the other side will be provide lightness and newness that will refresh our life and lead us to what is next.

More to come.

STRETCH: Look at your material things, things you treasure. Think about how they came into your life and remember – remember the time, the place, the people – remember the feelings and emotions – the season and the reason. Take a little time to appreciate it all.


20151228_182013103_iOSSpeaking with a seminary student today I was inspired for this week’s stretch. We spoke about the fear and violence in the world; the disparity of the “haves” and “have nots” in our country; and the turbulent political scenario playing out before us on the news each day. We spoke about the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness these events and situations present. And as we spoke I was reminded of Ghandi’s admonishment to “be the change you want to see in the world”.

When we discuss the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness in our Common Ground community Bob and I invite our members to do what they can do and sometimes the only thing we can do is envision something better. Our thoughts are part of the collective consciousness and it takes patience for the collective consciousness to reach cosmic mass to the point of influencing change. We can be part of making positive change when we project our vision for something better out into the flow of Universal Consciousness.

YOUR STRETCH: Take time this week to envision peace, equanimity, reason, freedom, beauty, kindness and love in our world. If the news of the day causes you distress, take a breath and allow a sense of warm peace to wash over you and emanate from you knowing that your effort is sending positive energy into the flow of collective consciousness.

Weekly Stretch – 1/22/16

nightlandingIn the nearly two weeks that my husband has been away we’ve learned many things about ourselves individually and about our relationship, not the least of which is that we hate being apart. No surprises there. One thing I noticed during the long days and nights when he was away was that I missed very mundane things about being together and realized so many things that I simply take for granted, some not as obvious as others. One thing I missed was the lingering smell of his cologne in the bedroom and bathroom long after he left for work each morning; the sound of the garage door opening in the evening that precedes him walking through the door; him taking Sophie out for the late walk; and of course him taking out the garbage…to name only a few. Chances are each of you has experienced missing someone you love at one time or another so you’ve also learned this lesson…the one where the little things mean so much. Bob’s absence for these two weeks made that lesson a poignant one for me.

We live on the flight path into Newark Airport and each day I’ve been keenly aware of the sound of the planes overhead. During those late night walks with Sophie, when I missed him the most, I’d look up at the lights of the airplanes and realize that they carried other people’s loved ones inside them. It made me think that at the same moment I’m missing my beloved many others are too, so I would send a prayer to everyone who was missing someone in that moment as I thought about how much I missed Bob.
Thus my inspiration for this week’s stretch:

YOUR STRETCH: Listen for the sound of airplanes overhead and use that sound as a mindfulness bell. Stop for a moment…think about your loved ones and send them your conscious appreciation. Then send a prayer for the safety of those flying overhead and for those who love them. It’s a wonderful opportunity to practice the fine art of mindfulness.

Your Weekly Stretch 11-16-15


This week I offer you the opportunity to reflect on Oneness.  The graphic you see here is the logo for my husband’s and my ministry.  We are ordained Interfaith-Interspiritual ministers and as such we honor all paths to Divine Oneness. Notice symbols for the major religious traditions on the outside of the circle, the inner circle representing any and all paths not represented by the symbols and the interior colors of the four directions and it is said that these colors represent all of humanity.  All paths lead to the Great Oneness. In our years of study we have discovered that each one of these paths contains one Truth…All Is One.    In my personal view LOVE is all that matters.

Your stretch:  In the face of sorrow and the events of the past week our stretch is to stay centered; to keep our hearts and minds open; to be the essence of Love and Peace; and hold a vision of kindness and Love.  


Your Weekly Stretch 11-10-15

 sun in cape may

The time change and onset of cold weather has many of us in a bit of a tizzy.  Knowing that many of us react to this change with a contraction inward, my love and thoughts are with you.  Personally I’m feeling that contraction deeply and find that my energy has begun to slow down. With that in mind I offer the following stretch:

Allow space for the contraction of the season to take place gently.  Be kind to yourself and protect your energy by getting the rest you need.  Re-evaluate your diet and notice where you can substitute healthy choices for those that drain your energy.  Tune into the depth of your inner fire and allow the heat to rise up into your being, warming you from within.