Weekly Stretch 1-15-16

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Hello all. Hoping you’ve had a great week. I’m happy to report that my husband returns home this evening – only for the weekend – but I’ll take it. He’s off again on Monday for one more week then back again for good next Friday. If you read my previous post you know that my Leo-Taurus-Cancer personalities and happy dancing and doing all the other stuff they do at the prospects ahead.

I’ve been reflecting on self-love and acceptance this week. Many things have challenged me these last few days and within those challenges I’ve thought a lot about worthiness and how to know that I’m “enough” without other people validating me as such. In all honesty, this is not an easy task for me as it’s been a lifelong challenge. However, I’ve worked hard on self-talk. You know, the voices in our heads that say “no one really cares what you think”, or “who are you to be heard, or seen, or valued”, or simply the sponsoring thought, “I’m not good enough”. These voices have been a bit louder this week, trying to override the positive affirmative thoughts I choose.

One of my most venerable gurus taught me a great trick many years ago. He taught me the “stop sign” method. When negative thoughts about myself show up I imagine a big red stop sign. It stops the process for a second or two so that I can make a change in the direction of my thoughts. In our Infinite Possibilities* classes we call this “flipping the thought”. I won’t say it’s always easy, but for the most part it works great. Essentially what we are saying to ourselves is, “Just Stop, and choose again”.

This week I’ve been flipping thoughts all over the place and thought it might be helpful to offer this as your stretch this week to encourage you to be really kind to yourself. More to come on this topic.

Your Stretch: If you find your thoughts drifting to unhelpful self-talk, STOP. Just STOP. Then take a nice long cleansing breath and replace those thoughts and voices with something wonderful. Imagine yourself laughing with your best friend or your children; imagine yourself outdoors on a beautiful sunny day and feel the warmth on your face; tell yourself that you are a unique child of the Universe; tune into your heartbeat and give thanks for the gift of Life. See yourself as your Creator sees you…beautiful in every way.

*Infinite Possibilities and Playing the Matrix are programs based on the work of Mike Dooley that my husband and I are certified to teach. If you are curious about this work please feel free to message me. I’d be happy to tell you more.


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