Today I feel the desire to piggy-back on my posting from last week. Since then the world has taken a drastic turn and that turn has resulted in an array of feelings and responses. Personally, it has left me feeling unsettled and rattled. I know the same is true for many people.

I’ve made decisions about self-care, limiting the news and social media and trying hard to corral my wayward thoughts and concerns about how our current situation will affect our lives and the future. It’s been extremely challenging and exhausting. I’m struggling to keep myself grounded and positive.

On Saturday, we witnessed something extraordinary that gave me more hope than I’ve felt in many months. We saw huge gatherings across the world that were initiated by women who care deeply about preserving what is sacred and right for all people. We saw women standing up for themselves, millions of them, some marching in enormous crowds, some in smaller ones, and some of us marching in spirit from wherever we were that day. And men were there too, supporting and standing alongside the women in partnership and in alliance. Photos and videos showed a sea of pink in cities around our country and the world. And it was peaceful, kind, and powerful. There were no arrests, no riots. There was nothing destroyed or looted. It was a demonstration of strength and conscience.

I was with my family on Saturday honoring my parents with a cousin’s gathering at my brother and sister-in-law’s home. It was a great day of celebration and connection and I loved being there. And I was torn because I dearly wanted to be with all my sisters, marching and representing the high ground. I kept checking my newsfeed and as photos of marches across the country came in I was brought to tears with pride and sheer amazement at the numbers. At the end of the day I saw photos from around the world and was simply awestruck that so many people could stand tall with so much dignity and heart. I heard from friends who attended marches that there was nothing but kindness and a sense of purpose that permeated the crowds. It reminded me that we can indeed make a difference, that light transcends darkenss and that we can come together for the benefit of all people regardless of gender, race, religon or background. And that we WILL continue to do so.

One friend reminded me of the time in the 60’s when we protested about an unjust war, burned our bras, and demanded equality. So much changed as a result, and we didn’t have social media or a twenty-four-hour news cycle to keep us informed and connected. Times have changed and we can connect in ways we only dreamed of back then. I am trusting that the wave of energy that is building and building will continue to keep us standing tall with dignity. I am trusting that what is right will always move through the darkness and illuminate the way through for the benefit of all concerned. And despite the exhaustion and fear and angst, I am trusting that all is in Divine order, as always. We Can ~ We Will.

STRETCH: (FOR ALL OF US, ESPECIALLY ME!): Keep breathing. Be mindful of your thoughts. Protect your energy. Remember these words: “This too shall pass.”, “We shall overcome.”, “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”

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