So much activity in our lives right now. So much taking our attention and our energy, some coming in the form of negativity and fear. Here in my life, as I’ve said many times, I’ve chosen to limit my exposure to the anything associated with the upcoming election. This has been a good choice and has allowed me to filter much of the negativity out. It hasn’t been easy since the input is everywhere I look and in every conversation or encounter. I’ve actually managed to stretch enough to say, “I don’t really want to have this conversation.”! That has been a huge stretch for a people pleaser like me. But my well-being and sanity matter enough that I’m exercising that muscle. My throat chakra is getting a workout!!!

This morning I found an article about the Super Moon that will be rising on October 16. It’s a really good one – well they are all good ones – but this is a REALLY good one because with it comes a huge energy shift and the opportunity for some advanced positivity juju. To quote the website “The Earth Child”, www. theearthchild.co.za, “Astrologically speaking, the October super moon will occur when the moon is in Aries. This brings about a very active, enthusiastic, and outgoing type of energy. As such, all of the fiery and adventurous vibrations associated with Aries will be brought to the forefront and this creates a lively burst of energy. If you harness the super moon shift and embrace it in a positive light, then good changes will come your way……Overall, the shift in energy accompanying the October super moon will be overwhelmingly positive. If you relax and go with the flow you can better connect with this energy and it will lead to great things happening in your life, so get ready to welcome it!”.

I have a friend who is on a quest to affirm positivity and love every day between now and the election. Clearly the Universe supports this idea by bringing us this amazingly powerful astrological happening to ramp up our collective intentions to affirm love and unity. I love when that happens! The weather here in the northeast is gorgeous. The nights promise to be clear and crisp during this magical happy super moon and I intend to get out there and take a moon-bath every night – arms open wide to welcome this wonderful energetic shift. And when I do I will envision the moon sprinkling positivity dust all over the planet, bringing the vibration up-up-up!

One thought I had upon awakening this morning as I was preparing to write this post is that as deeply immersed in the “top stories” of the news feed as we can be, there are many other deeply compelling stories and many other things going on in the world that need attention. One that keeps coming up for me is the desperate need of the people in Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. I feel called to help in some way and our Common Ground Community will be directing our funds to Mercy Corps which is on the ground in Haiti now. Mercy Corps is a wonderful organization that we have known and respected for many years. I’m also aware that Bermuda is in the path of a devastating hurricane that is bearing down even as I write. Please bring your awareness to Bermuda and offer your energy and prayers for safety. In the face of the powerful elements of Mother Nature we can always offer our prayers and positive energy to the people affected.

STRETCH: Stand in your truth and exercise your throat chakra by saying “no” to conversations, media, and any energy that is not in alignment with your sense of peace and personal well-being. Take a “moon-bath” during the Super Moon and bask in the magic of the shift. Remember you can choose to focus your energy where it is desperately needed and valued.

On another note my husband, Bob, and I are celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary on October 14th. He is the rock of my life…my most trusted confidante and friend…my sensuous lover… my spiritual partner in every way. Our love deepens on a daily basis and I am the most blessed woman on the planet. I want to tell him, “Happy Anniversary my beautiful man. Here’s to much-much more. I love you from the highest high and deepest deep.”

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