Illustation by James R. Easdsby

Writing this morning from a sleepy-eyed, gloomy skied, low vibrational place. As I sit gazing at an empty screen I think I may have fallen into that no man’s (woman’s in this case) land of “writer’s block”. I can feel the swirling of ideas and thoughts in my head that I’d love to share with you this week, but nothing sticks. An idea sort of teases me with a little wave then flies off into the swirl so that some other trace of an idea can surface for a micro-second to tease and wave as well. So here I sit imagining my reader (whomever you may be) and desperately wanting to engage with you about something meaningful or insightful, hoping to give you something to take with you that might lift your energy or stimulate positive change. And…I got nuthin’. Just this crazy swirly thing that is spinning just off to the right of my head taunting me with bits and pieces but nothing tangible to share. So now I engage in an exercise of surrendering to what is because try as I might to make things different, this is where I am this morning.

I’m not a formally trained writer. I have no frame of reference for this. However, I am very curious and do a lot of reading about things that interest me. Writing interests me a lot and I know that many writers find themselves looking at blank pages or screens and feel daunted by the blank page of their mind when they need to create and creation is the last thing they can deliver. I’ve had the experience as an artist, facing an empty canvas or sheet of drawing paper, brush or pencil in hand, and…”nuthin”. It happens. It happens and then it stops happening. For me it’s always surrendering to what is that allows it to “un-happen”. I have found that once I can breathe through the sense of disappointment and defeat and simply accept that “it is what it is” I can move onto something else and leave space for the energy to dissipate. And it does.

So today, my friends, I surrender – I allow – I honor – I let go and allow that swirl to swirl. I know that eventually it will slow down and ideas and thoughts will gently reveal themselves to me so that I can share with you again, and hopefully offer you something you can takeaway from my sharing that will enhance your life. Until then, “I see you”….and I hope you see me.

STRETCH: Surrender to what is. Allow…let go…let yourself off the hook. Breath and be patient knowing all is well.

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