This time of year, I am usually flirting with my tendency to go into long-term cave time. I’m a light lover and once we change the clocks here in the northeast, I want to hibernate and not come out until the sun returns. I’m usually the biggest humbug around, resisting the whole winter holiday vibe and everything that goes with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love being with friends and family and I LOVE planning what gifts to give the people I love. But usually the vibe around the holidays makes me really cranky and I want to go underground until it’s all over. Yesterday I saw a posting that called people like me “ambiverts”, which means I’m a combination plate of introvert and extrovert. Yes, it’s like being the rope in a tug of war. Go to the party, but don’t engage too much. Want to go out tonight, but yuk it’s cold and rainy and it’s going to be noisy so let’s stay home. There’s an amazing sale at the mall, but it’s so crowded and everyone is loud and pushy – I’ll order online. Blah, blah, blah.

Something is different so far this year. I’m not feeling quite so humbug. In fact, I’m enjoying the vibe (so far anyway) and feeling the Spirit of it all in a way I haven’t in quite a while. Colors are more vivid, I’m looking at and seeing life more clearly. Maybe it’s the world situation and the need for connection and open-heartedness. Maybe it’s the sense of community I’m feeling and the impulse to be part of something bigger than myself that is stronger than ever. I’m even making things, with my own little hands, for some of my extra-special peeps. Going to extra effort to make something that came from my heart and hands with consciousness and mindfulness. And I’m actually enjoying the process of preparation and anticipation. What happened?

I think it’s all part of the way my life is changing. It’s been a subtle change that began when my husband and I made a huge shift in our way of life. The shift included many great changes that shook our foundation in all directions. When I look back a year we were still finding our center and Bob was about to start another new job. The Universe was at work lining things up for us, getting things into place that would eventually surprise, delight and challenge us in good ways. But a year ago we didn’t know what that would look like and we were holding on for dear life as the ground beneath us was rocking and shaking.

One thing that has influenced this season is the way creativity is playing a major role in my daily life. It started when I took a writing class about a year and a half ago. I loved the class and started to write more and more. The next and even more important step was deciding on art classes as well. Suddenly I was expressing my creativity with more comfort and joy than I ever have. As a result, creative energy has been flowing freely and I am now involved in one of the most exciting and creative projects of my life (more to come on that in a later post). AND the writing continues along with the photography, drawing and painting. I’ve discovered aspects of myself that up until recently were asleep. Opportunities are arriving that I never could have anticipated and while I’m surprised on one hand, I know that Bob and I have been “working the system” the Universe has provided and we have manifested the life we are now living with the power of our intentions and willingness to simply keep going. We are living the epitome of our favorite mantra, “Thoughts Become Things”.

I’ve read or heard somewhere that when we reach “a certain age” our creativity kicks into high gear. I feel that has happened for me in the last few years as I’ve become more and more engaged in artistic pursuits. I find I am more at peace with certain aspects of myself, specifically the gifts I’ve been given by my Creator. My inner art critic is not as loud as it once was. I’m more able to express my truth and live from that truth without apology. I’m more authentically “me” than I’ve ever been and am leaning into that “me” with more and more ease. Spirituality and connection to Source Energy is a driving force that guides my steps, and intuition illuminates those steps. I am more and more aware of blessings and even more grateful for them.

Of course, we don’t know what’s around the corner and things change rapidly these days. But right now, in this moment, I’m enjoying every day and welcoming each new experience and opportunity to grow and express, and more than anything to Love; because these new and wonderful pursuits are founded on Love and Service in one way or another.

STRETCH: As the holiday season gets underway, see if you can engage people with eye contact, even if only for a second. Make connection with the light of every being you encounter knowing that at our core we are all One Light.

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