WEEKLY STRETCH 12-14-16 ~ Hiding In Plain Sight

Anyone who knows me knows I have certain, ahem, affinities shall we say. I’m a Leo Woman. I wear that banner proudly. And as such I love all sorts of things and like having them around me. To name a few, and in no particular order – shoes, jewelry, clothes, cosmetics, decorating, accessories, crafts, hair products, art supplies – get the picture? I love playing with these things and giving them to others to play with. It’s part of the fun of my life.

Something I love passionately, and collect, are scarves and shawls. I have many. Lots of colors, sizes, shapes and lengths; and I love wearing them. I do have one favorite, though as many mothers know, that’s breaking the “you can’t have a favorite” rule. But in this case, I admit I do. It’s a rare one as scarves go, at least in my life. A Betsy Johnson number. A real find that is fun, sophisticated, goes with everything and is the one I reach for most often.

A few weeks ago, it went missing! I was frantic to find it, called around to places I could have left it, tore the closets apart…no scarf. After having a full-blown little kid tantrum (can you believe that!!) I did what I usually do when I lose something I really like. I let it go. I told myself it was meant to be mine for this amount of time, and now it will give someone else pleasure and I let it go. In my travels, I would look for one with the same allure but to no avail. Mind you, there are many more scarves in my possession and I’m wearing some of those, but I was REALLY missing my old faithful and perfect friend.

Finally, last week I completed my letting go ritual and felt comforted by the thought that someone else had it and must be enjoying it like I did. I was fine with that. Yesterday, quite by accident (yeah, right) I went into an area of my pantry closet where I have some fleece jackets and vests hanging on a hook. One of them had fallen to the floor and as I bent down to pick it up I saw little white and pink stars peeking out from under the heap. Be still my heart, it was my beloved Betsy Johnson scarf!!! I grabbed it, hugging it to my chest, and did a happy dance, looking up to the Heavens with joy and gratitude. I hadn’t lost it. It was hiding in plain sight. I had been in and out of that closet constantly. I knew those jackets and vests were there. I even looked through them. I simply didn’t see it. Somehow I just couldn’t see it until the time was right.

So, my friends, is this really a story about a lost scarf? Well, yes. But after my happy dance died down I thought long and hard about what I could glean from this little event (and in the grand scheme of things it is very little). For me it was a lesson in non-attachment. It was a lesson in looking and seeing; in timing and trusting; in willingness to move forward and allowing and accepting what is. And it is a reminder that ultimately the Universe always has my back even in the little things. Do I need that scarf to be happy and go on with my life? Of course, not. And maybe this little incident isn’t so little when I look at all the embedded wisdom and lessons. And in the end I am so grateful for all of it.

STRETCH: Can you look at things more deeply? Can you open your vision to things that might be just outside of obvious perception? What is hidden in plain sight in your life?

I cannot leave my weekly posting without commenting on the atrocity that is happening in Syria. My heart is broken at the idea that humanity seems to be a thing of the past in Aleppo and in many other places on the planet. I hold the entire world, the planet, our country, all of us, in prayer for a shift in consciousness that allows us all to live and be in a world of peace…of respect…of honor.

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