Weekly Stretch – 1/22/16

nightlandingIn the nearly two weeks that my husband has been away we’ve learned many things about ourselves individually and about our relationship, not the least of which is that we hate being apart. No surprises there. One thing I noticed during the long days and nights when he was away was that I missed very mundane things about being together and realized so many things that I simply take for granted, some not as obvious as others. One thing I missed was the lingering smell of his cologne in the bedroom and bathroom long after he left for work each morning; the sound of the garage door opening in the evening that precedes him walking through the door; him taking Sophie out for the late walk; and of course him taking out the garbage…to name only a few. Chances are each of you has experienced missing someone you love at one time or another so you’ve also learned this lesson…the one where the little things mean so much. Bob’s absence for these two weeks made that lesson a poignant one for me.

We live on the flight path into Newark Airport and each day I’ve been keenly aware of the sound of the planes overhead. During those late night walks with Sophie, when I missed him the most, I’d look up at the lights of the airplanes and realize that they carried other people’s loved ones inside them. It made me think that at the same moment I’m missing my beloved many others are too, so I would send a prayer to everyone who was missing someone in that moment as I thought about how much I missed Bob.
Thus my inspiration for this week’s stretch:

YOUR STRETCH: Listen for the sound of airplanes overhead and use that sound as a mindfulness bell. Stop for a moment…think about your loved ones and send them your conscious appreciation. Then send a prayer for the safety of those flying overhead and for those who love them. It’s a wonderful opportunity to practice the fine art of mindfulness.

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