Weekly Stretch 2-12-16

The political scene in our country seems to be having a powerful effect on the people I worked with this week. So many are feeling the energy of negativity and dreading that energy continuing to escalate in the weeks and months leading up to the election in November. I admit that I feel it in my own being. It can be draining. It can make us feel uneasy, unsafe, disempowered, irritable, hopeless and on and on.

That said, how can we protect our precious energy? First, acknowledge that your energy IS precious and deserves protection. Make an effort to avoid negative input. We can always “change the channel” be it the actual TV, radio, the internet…remember that you have the choice to listen or turn it off. We can stay informed without drowning in the 24-hour news cycle that has claimed our airwaves.

Next, we can avoid entering into conversations that become political arguments. “Just say no”. My practice is to simply not engage and change the subject whenever possible. Or, we can say, ” Let’s agree to disagree” or “let’s talk about something else for a while” and move on to another topic.

Keep your attention on the wonderful, positive things in your life. Find what gives you pleasure and joy in your life and bring your focus back to those people and things. This requires effort as the rhetoric can become a huge distraction from what is truly important. It’s worth the effort to preserve your peace of mind.

STRETCH: Set the intention each day keep your energy safe by limiting your exposure to current events that can cause you distress. Remember that you are empowered to simply and kindly say “No” to conversations that drain your energy. Look around and see where you can effect positive change in your own sphere of influence and take whatever steps are possible to help others.

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