Weekly Stretch 2-19-16

dark night
After a week of riding an emotional roller coaster, I arrive at this moment with a flood of thoughts. I’ll be writing a blog post later but for now what comes to mind for our stretch this week is about our relationships. Is there someone you love dearly and haven’t connected with in a while? I think our lives are so busy and full that we sometimes lose sight of some of the important people who are not in our immediate circle of day to day living. It’s certainly true for me. I have the blessing of knowing so many beautiful people and have cultivated many deep friendships over the years. Life has a way of keeping me from connecting as often as I’d like and this week, after losing a very dear friend to pancreatic cancer, connection and relationships are at the forefront of my mind. While it’s not possible to reach everyone I know and love in the world, social media, texting, email all make it a lot easier to simply say, “I’m thinking of you”. In the old days we were limited to letters (remember them?), telephone calls and chance meetings.

My intention is to reach out more, even if it’s only a text or email, to let people know they are in my heart and on my mind. Time is short and easily lost. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to let people I care about and miss know that I see them, even if I can’t actually see them with my physical eyes.

STRETCH: Think about someone you’d like to connect with who you haven’t heard from or contacted in a while. Just a quick hello via email or text or FB message…or maybe a call or a card (another lost art). Then think of another person you might like to re-connect with and reach out.

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