WEEKLY STRETCH ~ 2-24-17 – On Gratitude

Last week I shared my fears with you. And I want to thank you for holding space for me as I moved through a time of tremendous uncertainty and emotional extremes. It was a rough one all around. Thankfully, after all that tumult, the answers came on Monday and I am finally on the mend.

What has followed is a sense of gratitude unlike any I can remember. I have made gratitude my spiritual practice for many years, using journaling as my love letter to God* and devoting my entries to saying Thank You. I’m no stranger to the concept. Right now, I feel more humbled and aware of my personal relationship with God than I have since my father passed away. I can feel the energy of angelic beings around me and right now they seem to be poking me playfully as if to say, “Told ya!”.

And then there are the angels on the ground; the ones I’ve encountered throughout this odyssey starting with my husband Bob, who has been my rock as always. My daughter Melissa who showed up without hesitation to help. My family whose support and love is unconditional and one of the greatest gifts of my life. My beloved friends who bless my life with their presence. Then there are the medical people who cared for me. These are so often the unsung heroes out in the “trenches” doing the hard work. The nurse at my doctor’s office who drew blood was kind and gentle and looked me in the eye with concern and reassurance knowing that blood draw is often a challenge for me. The ultrasound technician who at the crack of dawn greeted me with a big smile and a gentle hand. My gastroenterologist whose grandmotherly voice and amazing skill gave me confidence that I was safe and that she saw me and heard me. The woman at my gastroenterologist’s office who schedules tests who knew I was miserable and assured me that they were going “to make me feel better soon”. The people at the surgical center, every single one of them from the desk to the nurses to the anesthesiologist treated me like I was the only patient they had that day. And my pharmacist who runs his establishment like the mom and pop drugstores of my childhood, always on top of what we need, ready to serve with efficient and gentle care. These are only some of the angels who showed up for me. These are the ones God sent to help me move through the dark tunnel of illness and uncertainty. They were the ones carrying the light. They were the messengers of hope, kindness, compassion, and healing. They were and are the embodiment of Love.

What I know is that in every challenge the Angels show up, even when our fears are running the show, they show up. I also know that with every step Angels walk with us, in the seen and the unseen. In the unseen I can feel them, and sometimes I can hear them. In the seen, they are the waitress and the garbage man, the doctor and the grocery store clerk, everyone I encounter is an Angel on the ground sent from the Great Unseen to walk with me, whether for a moment in time or a lifetime. I am in a perpetual state of gratitude and my constant prayer is “Thank You”.

On another note, as I’ve searched the internet looking for ways to manage my current condition, I’ve read over and over that the American diet is often the cause of many of our ailments. Not news to some and not new to me, but after learning more about how our bodies are attacked by some of the choices we make I want to call attention to the need for us to make better, cleaner choices in the quality of the food we eat. We’ve become habituated to unhealthy habits and unconscious choices and our food isn’t always manufactured with our wellbeing in mind. It’s up to us to take the initiative to educate ourselves about clean food, read labels, ask questions about where our produce, meats and fish are coming from, and make choices that will keep our bodies running efficiently and for a long time. Good health is not guaranteed. We need to work at it. My soapbox moment for today.

STRETCH: Make a commitment to the practice of Gratitude. One way to accomplish this is to create a Gratitude Journal and each day write down three to five things for which you are grateful. Even in the darkest of times, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Say Thank You for your blessings and expect more. The Universe is sending you blessings this moment. Open your heart and receive them.

*I use the word God here to name the Unnamable. There are many names for this energy and I embrace them all. Feel free to replace this word for your own word or feeling for this energy.

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