Weekly Stretch 3-11-16


This has been a turbulent week to say the least, with some extreme emotions bouncing all over the place. From the joy and honor of officiating a gorgeous wedding ceremony and meeting with a wonderful family preparing for a wedding we will officiate in the fall; to disappointment and anger upon hearing news from a dear friend about a tremendous disservice that has been perpetrated on her by an organization I have known and served for many years; to sadness at news of yet another death of someone we care about. It’s the gamut and I admit it’s been exhausting. Bob and I were in bed asleep at 10 p.m. last night, wiped out from holding so much energy.

Walking Sophie on this delicious spring-like morning, I couldn’t help but notice that what I sensed weeks ago – burgeoning plants and life taking shape beneath our feet – has begun to show itself. The promise of spring is beginning to emerge in the form of tiny green buds on trees and shrubs, little green sprouts breaking through the ground, and an aroma in the breeze that reflect the freshness that accompanies this time of year. And what does it all mean? Change. Change happens as a natural part of existence, and it effect all living things, including all of us. And the week we had is evidence of just that – change. So often circumstances of change are unwelcome, like the death of a loved one or loss of a job. And our emotions in response to those circumstances are all we can focus on until time passes, grief and loss abate, and we can adjust our lives to that change. Only then, when looking back, can we see that life continues and we have found a way to integrate it and move ahead.

As we approach the day we “spring ahead” I offer the following:

OUR STRETCH: Notice how your life circumstances are changing along with the emerging season. As you encounter evidence of spring…the gentle breeze, little buds, tiny sprouts, more and more light in your day…breath in the energy of change and breathe out any circumstances that need to be released to bring about whatever changes serve you. As you enjoy the unfolding of yet another spring, give thanks for the gift of witnessing the processes of Mother Nature.

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