Weekly Stretch 3-18-16

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Since the time change here in New Jersey I’ve noticed a drastic increase in my energy level (after the initial shock and loss of sleep the day after, of course). After only one week, I feel the gift of extra light and the infusion of hope and excitement this annual change brings for me. I have worked with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for most of my life. This can show up in different ways for different people. Some folks do better in the darker months and feel awful when the light returns and some, like me, revel in the light. I’m a Leo…the sun is my ruling planet…so yay for all of us sun peeps. We’re back!!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that we have a friend and colleague who had been treated badly and to our great disappointment has lost her job, the result of mean-spirited handling of a conflict that could have been resolved with love and kindness and instead was taken to a very dark place. The dichotomy of light and dark have been noticeable in the last few weeks and I’ve heard stories from many friends who have encountered equally dramatic examples of these extremes in their lives.

Of course we know that without darkness we don’t know light and vice versa. But when we’re in the midst of the dramatic extremes it’s hard to remember that they are equally part of the whole. Which brings me to this week’s stretch:

STRETCH: As the light slowly returns remember that the shadow is equally part of our being. Embrace the shadow as you would an old friend, knowing that within the darkness is the gift of light and within light is the gift of darkness. As our friend Andy Dooley says, “Celebrate the contrast!”

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