On this very auspicious day known as Good Friday I am mindful of a time in our year when we are asked to stop and appreciate that we can choose to come out of the shadows into the light. We take time during the spring holidays of Easter and Passover to think about renewal, resurrection, and rising up. We become mindful of what it means to be liberated and to stand tall in our birthright of freedom from bondage of any kind. And we recommit ourselves to aligning our earthly spirit with The Great Spirit of Creation.

This is my favorite time of year and in my own life I find myself in re-creation mode, coming to my days with a freshness I’ve been missing. And I’m enjoying every moment of “feeling new”.

STRETCH: In this season or renewal take time in your day to notice how Nature displays its commitment to coming out of the darkness into light. Notice the tiny spouts emerging from the depths of Mother Earth; notice the little buds on the trees and the beautiful early green and yellow colors of baby leaves; notice the sweetness of the smell of Spring and the gentle breezes and soft rainfall that encourage grass and crops to grow. Allow yourself to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and feel the reassurance that life is a sacred gift every day that we can choose to savor and celebrate. Give thanks for the opportunity to begin again.

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