Weekly Stretch – 3-5-15

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of commitment lately. We offer the members of our spiritual community, Common Ground, an annual opportunity to think about their commitment to the group and reflect on whether they want to renew that commitment for another year. While drafting the email to our Common Grounders this week asking them to consider that commitment I found myself reflecting on many of my own commitments. Right now I am committed to a number of pursuits, some of them spiritual, some of them business-related, some personal and family-related. There is a lot on my plate and I am considering all of it seriously so that I can move ahead with authenticity and integrity. Knowing that my energy is precious and sometimes limited, my aim here is to assess how it is being spent and if I’m truly able to maintain it all and bring my best.

I haven’t come to any conclusions yet as I’ve only just begun to look at these commitments with a critical eye. But, I am in the process and feel that with spring approaching and light returning, I want to be ready to make a fresh start with clarity of intention. Right now my commitment is to take time to consider all of my commitments realistically and assess if and how they fit into my life. We “spring ahead” this week and bring more light into our days (Hallelujah!) and I thought this would be a great time to S t r e t c h!!!!

WEEKLY STRETCH: Take some time to consider your commitments. You might want to list them on a piece of paper and categorize them in some way, perhaps those that are firm and those that are optional. Think about those that are optional and reflect on how they serve your life. Check to see if your energy is being spent in ways that enhance your sense of well-being and joy.

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