Spring Pink
Spring Pink

Everything is blooming!!! Suddenly all I see are blossoms and delicate soft color everywhere (and pollen, but I’ll stay with the good stuff). The freshness of spring is upon us fully this week in the northeast and I intend to enjoy every moment. In fact, in the spirit of Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way”, I plan to grab my camera and take a drive to one of the beautiful gardens in our area for an “artist’s date” of photography. I had the thought to have this date with myself during the fall color display but never made it. I vowed I wouldn’t miss the spring show so next week my camera and I will be heading out. I might even take myself to lunch.

STRETCH: Think about how you can take yourself outside for a springtime date. Maybe a walk in the park or an outdoor game of frisbee with your dog. Make time for yourself to get out in nature and allow it to refresh your energy field. Breathe in the freshness of spring.

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