WEEKLY STRETCH 4-27-17 ~ Karmic Connection

We met for lunch yesterday. Three women who have known each other for about forty years and have been through the rollercoaster ride that we call life together, still navigating that ride all these years later. We meet for lunch for our birthdays and when we just feel the need for the deep comfort of our special connection.

I remember when our lunch date conversations were all about our little ones. We would talk about potty training, nursery school, pregnancies, husbands, neighborhood gossip. Along the way, the conversations gradually changed. Suddenly we were sharing stories about public school and shopping for a new home. As our children got older we would talk about their social lives and their grades, our decisions to go back to work or college, conflicts with friends and family, and the usual ups and downs of life in our 30’s.

After all these decades together, the conversation has shifted and changed in nature many times. From who is signing up for tennis classes to who needs cortisone shots in their shoulders; from what color to paint the kid’s bedrooms to whether active adult communities are the way to go; from hot pants and short skirts to elastic waists, comfortable shoes and menopause. We have walked alongside each other through turbulent storms and joyful celebrations. Empty nests, divorces, illnesses, and tremendous losses; bar mitzvahs, weddings and grandchildren. My friends Linda and Beth have been there for me through the best and worst moments of my adult life. They stuck by me during my “second adolescence” after divorce, celebrated with me when I fell in love and married my Twin Flame, supported me through the many years of my mother’s Alzheimer’s Disease, mourned with me as I lost both my parents, and gave me the strength to keep going through all the twists and turns of this life we have shared year after year. I hope they would say that I’ve given them the same support and love through the peaks and valleys of their lives too. Both of my friends are managing elderly parents who are not well. Beth lost her husband to pancreatic cancer a little over a year ago and Linda had major surgery in December. Life is moving along for us, meandering its way hither and yon, and we three are still holding onto each other as it does.

I feel tremendously blessed to have these two women in my life. They have been my anchor and kept me from drifting away from center more times than I care to admit. We’ve all grown and changed from the twenty somethings we were when we met. The karmic bond that brought us together has strengthened with each passing year of this lifetime and I know without doubt that it transcends time and space.

STRETCH: Take note of the people who inhabit your heart and who have shared the good and bad times with you. Make sure they know that you see them and appreciate their place in your life.

NOTE: I will be attending an Infinite Possibilites Train The Trainer Conference in Santa Fe next week. Hopefully I’ll be have some time to write my weekly stretch message. The week after I will be posting from Sedona, AZ, our home away from home and our place of pilgrammage, retreat and rest. See you soon.

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