Sitting at my computer this evening watching the news I was contemplating what I want to share with you this week. As I turned my head to speak with my husband, the sight of him and our dog Sophie cuddling was all the inspiration I needed. Here’s is the picture. He’s sitting in his recliner, Sophie is curled up on his chest like a little baby, sound asleep. Bob is gently petting her head, his own tilted down toward her, his eyes gently closed, their breathing in perfect sync. It is the picture of Love…perfect, complete, and unconditional. The utter softness of it was enough to bring my to tears.

So tonight I am mindful of the unconditional love and trust our little furry family members place in us. The sweetness and gentleness of the love they give and the fact that they ask nothing of us in return. I am mindful of the fact that these little (sometimes not so little) creatures give Love generously, without attachment, simply, and joyfully. And when I look at Sophie curled up on Bob’s chest I feel humble and grateful. And through my tears of gratitude, Sophie inspires me to be just like her. Trusting, Joyful, Generous, and Unconditionally Loving.

STRETCH: Ask yourself, “How can I share love without attachment?”. Take time to notice how you are loved and how you can offer love unconditionally.

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