Spring Pink

It’s April, complete with that wonderful smell in the air that follows spring rain, tiny buds on trees and shrubs, and early growth peeking up from the muddy ground. What a treat! I love to write about this time of year because it is ALWAYS new to me. Each spring I notice something I didn’t notice before. And this spring seems even more precious and new in the aftermath of a truly difficult winter.

I am reveling in witnessing Mother Nature’s process unfolding around me. The first thing I noticed last week was how the pot of chives parked just outside my kitchen door is alive and growing. Yesterday I heard the familiar sound of landscaping equipment clearing the way for new growth. Sophie and I had a wonderful stroll, sunshine on our faces and bounce in our steps. Today, after shopping for Passover, I noticed trees with tiny pink blooms just beginning to show themselves.

We will be hosting Passover in our home, an event I look forward to every year. Our family is diverse and bringing us all together to celebrate freedom from oppression and rebirth is one of my favorite things. My mother always hosted Passover and I have the privilege of carrying on this tradition in my home. Easter and Passover are perfectly timed this year which makes it even more meaningful.

I am focused on renewal, revitalization, and rebirth. The awakening Earth beneath my feet is awakening cells in my body that have been asleep these last few months, healing them and refreshing them with each passing day. I envision promise ahead for our country and the world; a reawakening of sleeping consciousness. I have hope for the future despite what we think we see.

Passover and Easter are about the promise of freedom, the gift of life, and our connection to something much greater than ourselves. This spring more than ever I am humbled and grateful to be here to witness the unfolding miracle.

To mark this beautiful and transformative season I offer this metta: May all be well, may all be safe, may all be free, may all be at peace.

STRETCH: Stop and enjoy the beauty of the unfolding changes in your inner and outer landscape.

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