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We had the occasion to spend time with one of our most beloved teachers this weekend. We don’t see him often, but his influence is felt in our lives daily. He is learned man; a wisdom keeper; a man of great integrity and deep spiritual connection. He is a Native American of the Creek Nation whose people come from the southeastern part of our country. His name is Frank. He is a Pipe carrier and he has mentored my husband who is now also a Pipe carrier. In the Native American traditions The Pipe is a living being that is a direct manifestation of The Creator. One who “walks behind the pipe” must be one who holds no anger in his or her heart. I can honestly say that Frank (whose Creek name translates to “Generous Bear”) holds no anger in his, and my husband Bob (who was given a name that translates to “Friendly Bear”) holds no anger in his. I will NOT be a pipe carrier…admittedly I hold all sorts of anger in my heart. But I’m working on it and have two amazing examples in these two beautiful men. They give me hope. (I’m proud to share that I have been given the name “She Holds The Sun In Her Branches”. I wear this name with great humility.)

Frank spoke about the blessings of Mother Earth and the oneness of all things. He speaks of the “tree people”, the “rock people”, the waters, the sun, and all of Nature. He speaks of the medicine we all bring into our lives when we are drawn to collect things from the natural world like seashells, rocks and crystals, leaves and feathers. These things are gifts from Creator and assurance that all things on Earth are connected. I am always inspired and renewed when I hear Frank speak of these things. And I am always grateful to have this venerable teacher and friend in my life.

STRETCH: Earth Day is April 22nd. Take time to honor our sacred planet. Commit to recycling, picking up trash, conserving water, minimizing your carbon footprint.

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  • Frank Menusan

    April 9, 2016 at 2:03 pm Reply

    Your words touch into the deepest recesses of my heart. I give thanks for your loving kindness and am humbled by it. Although I am not a member of the Creek nation, I carry the Muskogee/Creek bloodline and I am learning to live in this world with the wisdom and Blessings of All my Ancestors and with Anogetchga everyday. Mvto !!!

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