blossoms to paint
Photo Franne Demetrician

Walking Sophie this morning my senses were pushed into super-overdrive! The sun was bright and shining its magic light on everything everywhere (an unusual sight this week since it rained for days on end). There was a gentle breeze mingling with the sun’s warmth and I could feel both on my face so that I was at once warmed and chilled. The perfume of Spring was everywhere and I had to stop and take it in several times. I tried to simply rest in the amalgam of ingredients that allowed a moment like this to take place. But I couldn’t rest. It was too exciting. So, I just stood there – in complete awe – aware that my senses were working overtime to absorb it. After days and days of rain, this was the gift, the reward. The other gift is the knowledge that all of that rain and grey-ness resulted in sweet green grass,vivid blooms, budding trees and the aroma of life itself.

STRETCH: In the face of challenges, bumps in the road, inconvenience, and discomfort, take a breath and remind yourself that after the rain comes the sun; after days of murky clouds and turbulent weather come bright blue skies and the sweet aroma of cut grass and blooming flowers. And when you emerge from the storm, celebrate yourself for making it too through.

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