WEEKLY STRETCH 5-19-17 ~ Re-Entry and What Next

As an avid space travel enthusiast, I associate the term “re-entry” as that dangerous period during which a spacecraft encounters the Earth’s atmosphere and becomes subject to the intense power of gravity. As the spacecraft increases in speed and friction within the dense atmosphere the danger of it burning up before reaching the Earth’s surface increases dramatically. Spacecraft are equipped with heat shields which aid in deflecting the extreme heat but under the best of circumstances, re-entry is a rocky and very hot ride home. It is the precision and skill of the pilot keeping the craft at the correct attitude that prevents a disastrous outcome.

The same can be said of re-entry from a vacation or a conference – or both – which is precisely what I am experiencing as I write. I’m coming down, from a very high place, and it’s a bit of a rocky ride back to Earth. I realize that this pilot left the Earth’s atmosphere with some compromised heat shields which means that re-entry into my personal atmosphere has been turbulent and hot. The spacecraft is somewhat the worse for wear and needs some repair, so to speak.

At the end of our Infinite Possibilities Conferences we “elders” always advise the new trainers that they should be mindful of their re-entry; that they should give themselves space and time, allow for extra rest, eat well, and be gentle with themselves. This is great advice. I admit that I’ve had many opportunities to apply my own advice having spent many years attending annual intensives that required this exact sort of mindful practice in the aftermath. I think I’ve taken for granted that I know what to do and how to do it. Well guess what – not this time, and not under these circumstances. This re-entry has been humbling to say the least.

Without going into the gory details, I will simply say that I am doing my best to navigate some rugged terrain emotionally and physically. Of course, I’m thrilled to be reunited with my family and precious friends, and our sweet fluffy girl Sophie. Coming home has some wonderful rewards. And yet I feel the tug on my heart back to our beloved Sedona and wish bilocation was one of my skills. It’s never easy to leave this place that gives us so much peace and joy.

The conference was a tremendous gift and planted seeds that are germinating in the fertile ground of my heart and mind. The question that keeps turning up is “What next?” and I’m not quite certain how to answer it. That fertile ground I mentioned is ripe with possibilities and for the moment I’m choosing to allow the planted seeds the time and space to sprout and grow. My experience has shown that being pro-active works better for me than being re-active (my customary knee jerk response) so I’m listening to my inner guide that says, “take it slow, give it space, listen and watch”. And then there is my father’s voice, the one that guides my every day and my every move – the one that has kept me and my husband on our path in the face of adversity and uncertainty – the one that says, “just keep going”. So, right now what is next in the immediate is to keep going. I am anticipating my seeds growing and blossoming into something wonderful and I will know it as soon as it breaks ground. For now, I will continue the rough terrain of re-entry until the road smooths out, which I know it soon will. Good things are coming. I welcome them.

STRETCH: In the words of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, “Take it easy, take as it comes.”

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