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This week I find myself feeling a sense of emptiness. It’s not necessarily a negative thing. Rather I think it’s a much-needed time of clearing out and cleansing. I admit there is also a bit of melancholy associated with this emptiness, but in honesty it’s not sadness as much as pensiveness; a time of checking in and noticing – noticing feelings, sensations, qualities – in myself, in my relationships, in the world around me. I’m fortunate to have the time and space to be in this state and I’ve tried my best to use it wisely by working on a painting, planting my garden, sitting in silence, reading and some other solitary pursuits. I’ve taken my current state into account in all of my activities and made self-care a high priority. I also realize that in emptying and clearing out I make room for something altogether new and that knowledge gives me a sense of excitement and expectancy.

STRETCH: Take time to empty. Let your spirit breathe in clear, clean white light and breathe out that which does not serve. Feel the spaciousness within you as you allow yourself to let go. Know that when you clear out the clutter in your heart you make space for something new, something exciting, something wonderful to come in. Breathe in clear, clean white light; breathe out that which does not serve; invite new delights into your life.

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