Weekly Stretch – 5-6-17 ~ On Practicing Awe

Photo taken somewhere between Newark and Santa Fe.

Note: This entry was written on Wednesday, May 3.

I write this post from 33,000 feet flying over some part of this magnificent land on our way to Santa Fe. I love sitting in the window seat, in spite of the inconvenience of climbing over people when I need to head to the head. Surprisingly I have issues with heights but I love looking out the window of an airplane and seeing the majesty of Creation from a different vantage point than my walking around daily view.

I use the word “awesome” frequently. It’s become part of the vernacular in our culture and it has crept into my language enough that I sense it may have lost its meaning. Today I am looking deeply at the word “awe”. The period between the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are called “the days of awe”. During this time people are focusing their attention on offering and asking for forgiveness and standing humbly amidst God’s miracles. I have been reflecting on miracles lately and as I look out the window today at the Earth below with its meandering waterways, endless blue sky and cottonball puffs of clouds, awe is the word that repeats in my mind. It’s easy to take so much for granted in our lives.

Until recently I thought I was a fairly conscious person. After all, I’ve spent a good deal of my life studying, meditating, self-discovering, waking up – or so I thought. What is miraculous is that The Universe gave me an opportunity to “think again” and with great humility I am doing just that. I look at my world with new eyes and am consciously asking for the wisdom to approach all of my encounters with an attitude of curiosity and open hearted-ness. I see more and hear more. I feel more and embrace more. I am aware of old patterns and am making it my business to take steps to change them as soon as I notice. Not always easy but worth the effort.

Flying this high over the planet one sees how the terrain changes and shifts. This particular route from New Jersey to the southwest is rich with change. I’ve traveled this route enough times to know when to expect one change or another and each time I’m filled with wonder at the power of Mother Nature. I think this is a great metaphor for how our own terrain shifts, ebbs, flows and even stays the same or can be predicable.

As we move closer to our destination I realize that every day is a day of awe. Just like the majesty of the view out my airplane window, every moment of living is truly awe-some. Just the idea that we have a body that is it’s own Universe is awe-some. Gravity is awe-some. The fact that I am sitting in a huge vehicle with a whole lot of people, flying high in the sky is freakin’ awe-some. I cannot take anything for granted. I can humbly notice it and marvel at its wonder and awe and live my days in gratitude.

STRETCH: Cultivate the practice of awe and notice something truly awe-some every day.

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