What a gorgeous day! We here in the northeast have been patiently (well…maybe not patiently) waiting for Spring days…and finally we are in the pocket so to speak. Ahhhh…delicious cool sunshine greeted Sophie and me on our walk this morning. It’s early June. Hooray.

Last night I had the pleasure of sitting in on a rehearsal of a show my husband Bob is appearing in with The Reock and Roll Revue, a fabulous band that does theatre shows highlighting an historic album in rock and roll history and duplicating that album in total. These shows are the brainchild of an extremely talented man I’ve known and loved for many years, Tom Reock. Each of these shows is masterfully performed by amazing musicians and includes a wonderful historical narrative that informs the audience of what went on behind the scenes in these artists lives at the time. All in all every one of these performances over the years has been a “happening” for sold out audiences. This year I’m thrilled that my husband, my brother Hal, and my niece Lindsay will all be performing along with Tom and the rest of the Reock and Roll Revue. The album they will be performing is Jackson Browne’s “Running On Empty”.

Sitting in the rehearsal studio with a crew of master musicians was a great honor and thrill for me. I happen to love this album so the music itself was enough. But being witness to the collaborative process and respect these musicians have for each other and the natural unfolding of creativity was, to put it mildly, “really cool”. My husband says I have a musician’s ear and a musician’s heart. I love when he says that because one of the great frustrations of my life is that I don’t play an instrument and at this point in my life, after a few tries with guitar, I just don’t have the patience for the learning curve. So I’ve resigned myself to live from my musician’s heart and listen deeply with my musician’s ear. Last night I was doing just that. I felt surrounded by creative energy. The room was vibrating with it and I let myself be saturated by it all. I can’t imagine anything more enlivening that sitting in a room filled with music created by some of the best players I know, many of whom are part of my family. By the way, this morning I woke up early and got back to work on my most recent painting with renewed vigor and energy. Thanks guys!!! I’m coming to every practice!!!

Today’s stretch was inspired by last night’s experience:

STRETCH: Take time to honor the gift of creativity. Make something. Draw, paint, decorate, cook, look, listen, dance, color, do anything that taps into your innate ability to create. It can include creating space, creating relationship, or even creating time in your day for self-care or fun. Breathe into that place within yourself where creativity resides. And celebrate this amazing gift.

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