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SUMMER DAZE! Oh how I love summer. The Summer Solstice is my absolute favorite day of the year. It is the day filled with the most sunlight and to me it is ultimate gift of Mother Nature. I spent my “first day of summer” at the beach. It was delightful (no pun intended – well, maybe pun intended). It was a beautiful day with shore breezes, high willowy clouds, sunshine galore, the rhythm of the waves, the wonderful salty air, seagulls, sand, the works. Nirvana!! I was there with my sister-in-law Kathy. Soon after we set out our chairs and got settled with our toes in the sand, looking out at the ocean I said to her, “Even in this wonderful place that I’ve longed for since last summer, I can’t get my brain to slow down.” Her response was, “Breathe”. Such a simple directive…”Breathe”. So I did. I consciously took in a long slow breath, and consciously let it out in a long slow exhale. I did it again, twice. And finally the thought stream slowed down a bit and I was able to be fully immersed in the deliciousness around me. (Thanks Kath!) Funny…I frequently give the same directive to my clients, but in the moment of my own wandering incessant thinking I needed Kathy to remind me to walk my talk. Maybe it was the intoxication of the beach and the ocean that made me forget one of my favorite thought interventions. Or maybe that’s just an easy excuse for what happens to all of us; we forget to use the tools we have to take care of ourselves.

Summer is a time to slow down and be. Let yourself.

So today’s stretch is twofold:

STRETCH: 1. Go to the beach or lake or some large body of water!!! Let the energy of water rejuvenate your body and soul. 2. Breathe! Take a moment in your day to stop…inhale deeply…hold your inhale for 4 counts…then exhale to a count of 8….S L O W L Y. Check in with yourself. Do it again…and once again. Enjoy the peace.

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