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Today’s stretch is about support. I must be the luckiest person alive when it comes to support. I have a wonderful family, loyal and precious friends, and a husband and partner who loves me unconditionally and has supported every one of my dreams. That’s not to say that my life has always been easy, and when it hasn’t been support from those in my life has been there without question. This week I’ve seen how life can be when support is not in place. I’ve seen someone who has lost all of the support I take for granted (because it’s always been there). I’ve witnessed someone “hit bottom” as we call it…and with all of her dignity intact, ask for help and support to bring herself back up. And what has really blown me away is that in the asking the support showed up. I am so humbled by her story and how she has kept herself barely afloat in order to stay with her precious dogs and keep herself and them alive and safe. What comes to mind is the phrase, “There but for the grace of God go I”, since any one of us could find ourselves in the same situation at any time. I’m happy that we have been able to be a tiny part of that support, but what is the most humbling is how many people…strangers…who, when asked, simply showed up to help someone in need. I’m grateful to have witnessed this…and I am inspired in ways it would take too long to list here. So today’s stretch is inspired by a woman of great strength and dignity:

STRETCH: Notice where in your life you are supported. Ask yourself how you can offer support to someone or something and how that might look. Support could be a kind word, an offer to drive someone where they need to go, a donation of time, talent or treasure. And as a second stretch, ask for help when you need it. Help is available. You need only ask.

More to come.

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