WEEKLY STRETCH 8-25-16 – What Else Can We Create?

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In 2006 Bob and I visited Arizona for the first time and we fell in love with it. That trip was paid for by years of accumulated travel points from our credit card. It was the first time we had been able to travel anywhere. We spent the week in Scottsdale and visited The Grand Canyon for one day and Sedona for a day and half. For me, coming to Sedona felt like coming home. At the end of our week, as our plane lifted off of the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, we cried. It felt like we were being ripped apart and we were heartbroken to leave. On the flight home, through his tears, Bob told me we would be back, and often. He didn’t know how or when, but he said it like it was already a done deal.

Shortly after that trip a close friend of the family whose wife had become ill approached us with an unusual offer. He owned three timeshares and was unable to use them since he and his wife could no longer travel. He offered to sell us any one of them for a comparatively low price and to pay him what we could and for as long as we needed in order to pay it off…interest free. This made it possible for us to visit Sedona or almost anywhere in the world in “like home” comfort. I’m certain that Bob manifested this for us and I am writing this post from our timeshare in Cornville, Arizona only 15 minutes out of Sedona. This is now our 8th visit here.

Our second trip to Arizona took place over Mother’s Day weekend and I remember calling my daughter from a rest area just outside of Flagstaff where I could actually see the glow of the red rocks of Sedona in the distance. It was during that trip, at that moment, that I knew I needed to share the experience of Sedona with my family. In fact, Bob and I longed to make the trip with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew and of course my daughter, son-in-law, and our grandson. We made the trip with my brother and sister-in-law in 2012 and right now, as I type, we are here with the whole family…all nine of us…staying at our timeshare and having the experience Bob and I have been dreaming of for all this time. It’s truly a dream come true and I keep pinching myself to make sure it’s real.

What keeps coming to mind as this dream-come-true unfolds is that I know we made it happen. We manifested this week with our thoughts, our feelings, our vision, our desire and our intention. We are the creators of this amazing family experience. And as I reflect on the way this dream has unfolded I ask myself, “If I can do this…If I can make this magic happen…what else can I create?” I think about not only the material things my heart desires – trips, living arrangements, furniture, clothing, other acquisitions; but even more importantly the interior things like a healthy strong body, peace of mind, self-acceptance, forgiveness, stamina, clarity. My sense of personal power is being enhanced with each passing day – as I take in the sacred energy of my beloved Sedona and tap deeper into the depths of what my heart truly desires I feel the energy of creativity stirring ever more strongly and I welcome it with arms open. I am humbly grateful for the tremendous gifts I’m given. More please.

STRETCH: Think about the some of the things you’ve created in your life that give you joy, bring you happiness or a sense of satisfaction. Now envision something your heart desires and feel the way it will fee when that something arrives in your life as if it already has. Bask in those feelings and enjoy them. It’s a done deal! You’ve created before, you’re creating now, you will continue to create.

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