WEEKLY STRETCH 8-4-16 Make Friends With Yourself

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Bradley Beach, NJ
Photo by Franne Demetrician

Yesterday morning, I began my usual morning routine – stumble down the stairs, get some coffee, check email, drink the coffee…drink more coffee…read email. Sophie (our little Havanese four-legged) came down and indicated in her special way that she needed her own morning moment so I set my computer and coffee aside and hooked her up. All of this was pretty robot-like in terms of my presence…not quite in my body as yet. I hit the button to open the garage door and it was as if the world, my world, suddenly woke up. Everything was bright green and crisply in focus, my own car in the driveway seemed to have been edited somehow to be more vividly red. As I stepped across the threshold of the garage into Creation my senses were hit by a barrage of information. Light, smells, sounds, sensation. And the air had a perfume that stopped me (and Sophie) in our tracks. It’s not as if I haven’t smelled this perfume before, as I’ve probably reported…it’s just that I haven’t been there for it lately. Ah, it was a very special moment and I enjoyed it fully. I breathed in the perfume of morning, noticed the dew sparkling all around me, looked at the leaves on the trees and noticed the way things were growing. I listened to all of the birdsong and squirrel cacophony around me. It was different because for various reasons I’ve been inside for days and haven’t stepped into Creation in quite this way for a while. I realized I missed it. I won’t let that happen again.

I receive dozens and dozens of Facebook posts sharing wisdom and platitudes all day long. Some of them hit me hard, some of them not as much. In fact, today I realize that many of them are simply redundant and I need to begin weeding out which of these pages I really want to see and which I can remove. As you all know, there are more than enough distractions in our days. It helps if we can consciously eliminate at least some of them. One consistent message I am receiving is that it’s time to take steps in new directions. In fact, I do have something new I am in the process of creating, but more to come on that.

On the topic of doing something new, I decided to take myself on a date. Yesterday I drove myself an hour away to my favorite New Jersey beach. I admit that I’ve never done this before…taken a long drive to sit on the beach alone. So taking this journey on my own was new for me. And I loved it. It’s been awhile since I took a long drive alone so I cranked up my music and took off. It felt great to make friends with myself again; hanging out at the wheel of my car, finding a parking space, schlepping my beach stuff out the shoreline, just me and myself doing my day. I had some productive and invigorating creative space to envision and begin writing a project I’m working on. I was able to simply be with myself without distraction and in a different environment. I feel like the entire day shifted some stuck energy like the proverbial “breath of fresh air”. I feel refreshed and empowered all because I changed my routine, took my day in hand literally, changed my environment, and simply enjoyed my own company. I would imagine the power of the ocean may have played some part in my shifted energy, but I think it was the whole package. I’m so glad I did this for myself.

STRECTH: Think about something you could do to “change up” your day. Try taking yourself on a “date”. Maybe a walk in the woods with a picnic lunch, or a trip to a lake or the ocean. Maybe visit a museum or art gallery, or anything out of your ordinary day-to-day that you love to do. Make it a date in your calendar and choose your activity consciously. At the end of your day, check in and see if your energy has changed. Make friends with yourself.

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