Photo by Franne Demetrician, 3,500 feet on Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ

Re-entry from our magical vacation in Sedona was a little bit rocky. Our brother and sister-in-law’s beloved dog went missing as we were flying home (happy to report she’s been found after a frantic 2-day search), and I came home with what turns out to be preliminary symptoms of pneumonia (on meds and will be fine). An interesting study in contrast!

I pushed my limits last week and am proud to say I climbed harder trails that took me higher on the mountains than I have ever gone. And from those high points I could see more of Creation than ever before. It was a breathtaking majestic sight. I turned 67 on August 16th and I must say I feel pretty great that I could do all that I did last week. It makes me feel excited about the next level I can achieve when we go hiking up the mountains in Sedona again in the spring. It’s not lost on me that when I pushed my imagined limits I was able to go farther and higher. I realize that the limits I hold in my heart and mind could be keeping me from going further, higher and wider on the other “mountains” I’m climbing.

I’ve been invited to do an editorial review of a new book which I’ve been working with for the last week or so. A message in this book that hit me was about pushing limits and the idea that we can go beyond what we think we can do in big leaps or in baby steps. No rules here. I loved the way the author described it and took the message to heart. For me and the mountains it has been baby steps leading up to some big ones. And I can see how I can apply this to all the other areas of my life that present perceived limits or barriers. The concept isn’t new. We teach this in our Infinite Possibilities classes. What’s new is the practical application of it in a very big way for me this past week and how ready I am to take more steps and leaps in my life and my work. I think the idea of “readiness” is one I will think about for the next few days. Then more steps.

STRETCH: Ask yourself, “Am I ready to step out of my comfort zone…with baby steps or leaps…in a way that brings me to the next level of my life (or work or relationship)?” If the answer is “yes” take one step…one step at a time. If the answer is “no”, wait for it. The “yes” is just around the corner.

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