Your Weekly Stretch 1-8-16

Welcome to a New Year!

As we step forward into a new year I feel the energy of all that is possible. Here in the northeast the chill has finally moved in, yet I’ve noticed that the sun hangs in the sky for a little bit longer each day. I love witnessing the forces of nature as they repeat their annual dance, and each year I feel more grateful and humble to be alive to appreciate it. My husband is about to start a new and exciting job and we are excited about all of the great opportunities we will have to be of service in the world. Yes, there are many challenges in the world and those challenges can make us fearful…but only if we allow ourselves to focus on them. I choose to see the possibility for the awakening of consciousness and to make my life’s work a part of that awakening. Join me?

Your Stretch: Take time each day to consciously notice your breath…breathing in peace and breathing out love. Imagine your breath as a wispy white vapor of peace as you inhale and allow yourself to feel its warmth fill your body. As you exhale imagine your breath as a beautiful swath of golden Lovelight that reaches from your heart to the ends of the earth. Let this be your prayer for the day.

P.S. The photo is of my grandson Logan at a fireworks display a few summers ago.

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