Your Weekly Stretch – 11-23-15


Thanksgiving calls us to stop and notice all that we have been given.  It asks us to take stock of our blessings and to say Thank You to the Universe for its bounty.  May people have difficulty finding their blessings if they live in poverty or are ill or lonely.  As we enter the season of giving and celebration, our stretch is to remember those who are searching for their blessings and offer help in every way we can.  Our stretch is to take time every day to notice the abundance in our lives and to reflect gratitude into our day by offering a smile, our time, our presence, a hand, or our heart to those who are less fortunate.

My prayer this Thanksgiving comes from the Buddhist practice of metta:  May all beings be well; may all beings be safe; may all beings be at peace; may all beings know that they are loved beyond measure.

Happy Thanksgiving ~ FD

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