Your Weekly Stretch 12-20-15

dark night

On this day before The Winter Solstice I can feel the depth of the darkness and the thinness of the veil between this world and others. Last night, along with a crew of loving people from our spiritual community Common Ground Interfaith-Interspiritual Community, family and friends we attended The Paul Winter Consort’s Winter Solstice Celebration a The Cathedral of St. John The Divine in New York City. During this annual “happening” we took the time in one of the most majestic interior spaces in the world to give the darkness its due by embracing it fully in all of its sound and fury, then with the most exquisite music and purest intention of spirit paid homage to the re-birth of the sun as the dark night passes and day by day, little by little the light returns to our days. It was a time for quiet humility and making peace with the forces of nature. It was an opportunity to realize how small we are in the grand scheme of things, and yet how very vital and significant we are as our energy blended with all of the souls gathered in that holy space to share the common experience of change. I feel the energy of the impending shift and in a place of deep quietude anticipating a new beginning. With my arms wide open, I invite the Solstice into my heart with the willingness to embrace the darkness just as it is. My prayer for this Solstice Eve is: Gentle me darkest night. I place myself into your arms with love and trust.

STRETCH: Take time in the next 24 hours to acknowledge the short day and the long night with an open heart and a willingness to begin again. Give yourself a period of uninterrupted silence, light a candle in the darkness of night, sit in that silence and be still. Listen for what the stillness has to share with you. And when that dark night is over, begin again.

I wish you a peaceful and enlightening Solstice. ~ FD

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