Your Weekly Stretch – 12-30-15

FROM THE HUBLE TELESCOPEAs we say farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016 I find myself reflecting, as I’m sure many of you are also doing. A year seems to fly by when one is looking back, yet as each day unfolds it seems so much longer. The cliche that says years go by more quickly as we get older has it’s basis in reality for me. I’m noticing how quickly time moves much more vividly these days. It’s been a full year that began with tremendous turmoil and thankfully moved into a more peace-filled existence for the first few months. Life has a way of providing many opportunities for growth and this year has been no different. I am ultimately grateful for all of the opportunities and feel I am the stronger and wiser for them. More than anything I am reflecting on the gifts of my beloved husband, daughter, brother, and my extended family and dear friends for the love we all share is truly the ground on which I stand. And I am grateful for you and your presence in my life. May we all be blessed with peace, joy, harmony and vibrant good health in 2016.

Your stretch: Take some quiet time between today and the first moments of the new year to reflect back on the gifts you’ve received during 2015, in all of their many disguises. Notice how these gifts have brought you to a new understanding, deeper wisdom, broader viewpoint, increased compassion, higher vibration. Take a moment to bow to The Great Unknown for bringing you these gifts and welcome the opportunity for even greater gifts to come.

Happy New Year.
~ FD

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